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At the end of the XVIII century after the phylloxeric destruction the ancient peasant community turned the soil and planted again the vineyards with new vigour.
Our interest concerns those areas such as Itria Valley, Salento, Tarantino and Alta Murgia where vineyards have given prestige to the winegrowers and wine producers: : Primitivo, Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Nero di Troia, Verdeca e Bianco d’Alessano.

Most of soils, clayey and calcareous, are cultivated essentially by hand without mechanical aid as they are minute handkerchief of soil, whose medium extension is one hectare.

The growing method is characterized by low vine or low espalier which produces from 60 to 90 quintals for hectares both for white, red and rosŤ wine.
Winegrowers, deeply interested in quality, take care of vineyards with love and passion, aware to get excellent results and great satisfaction, observing nowadays the ancient peasant traditions.

A great deal of patient work on the part of all the operators of the wine production chain has gone into turning Apulia into one of the most interesting regions from an oenological viewpoint, a reference point in Italian wine production and definitely an area in which the growth in quality is most evident.